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Our Investors

Gavin Robinson

I am an Investment Expert can exactly analyze the viability of the Projects and yet my funding experience is awesome with Star World Business Solutions. The maximum number of investment I can make in a month is two to three.

Michael Brown

I work in Green Energy Projects. I find something exciting about these kinds of Projects as being a doctoral student of Engineering I worked with several projects and now interested to invest into Wind Power Projects, Solar Power Projects, and Tidal Mill Projects etc.

Olivia Adams

Hello Guys, This is Olivia Adams being a financial analyst and renowned investor in states; I prefer to invest in secured Projects for short terms. I can invest in any country and maximum amount of Investment is $ 30 MM USD in a month.

William Davis

My Name is William Davis I have been investing in Projects since past one year and have made several investment and earned huge returns and I prefer to invest in India, USA and UK.